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The Adapsyn platform combines genomic and metabolomic data with artificial intelligence and machine-learning to identify novel, mechanistically diverse evolved small molecules from human and environmental microbiomes.

“Adapsyn Bioscience will usher in a new era of natural product drug discovery, leading to novel therapeutics across a wide variety of indications” – Nathan Magarvey

Adapsyn Bioscience was founded in early 2016 to build on the work of the Magarvey laboratory at McMaster University, and early components of the Adapsyn platform have been highlighted in publications in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the Nature series journals, Nucleic Acid Research, and other leading academic journals. Adapsyn operates out of a laboratory facility in Hamilton, Canada.

The company applies big data and artificial intelligence to natural product drug discovery. Adapsyn uses PRISM to mine microbial genomes for natural product biosynthetic gene clusters. GARLIC defines gene clusters that encode natural product drug variants and novel natural product drug candidates. The company’s GRAPE algorithm reveals evolved drug fragments from known products. CLAMS is able to match gene clusters to mass spectrometry peaks/compounds from complex mixtures.

The ADAPSYN GRAPH converges all historic data, genomic information, extract screening to produce drug leads in a targeted manner.

Adapsyn Papers