Adapsyn Bioscience is a chemical bioinformatics company that discovers novel molecules for development as therapeutics, and for use in agriculture, food, and nutrition

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Our genomics platform identifies microbial strains that produce novel chemistry and we can predict the chemotype, structure, drug-likeness, and even target of the resulting compounds



We use our metabolomics platform to identify novel and known compounds produced by microbes, which are automatically isolated for downstream evaluation, without messing around with cloning or cell-free production

Assay Biology

Assay Biology

Our platform generates novel chemical libraries amenable to broad phenotypic characterization, high content screening, and focused biochemical assays


Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery

Adapsyn's proven platform technology can consistently and reliably identify, isolate, and characterize novel, drug-like small molecules produced by microbes. We can create focused screening libraries based on a specific indication or target, and we can screen thousands of novel compounds a year. Using various comprehensive screening modalities, we've identified novel antineoplastic, anti-infective, and immunomodulatory small molecules, and we're advancing the most promising candidates identified to date.



Our platform can be used to identify the compounds produced by a microbe that may be responsible for the beneficial effects observed in phenotypic screening campaigns, and our analysis can help select microbes for evaluation given a specific target, pathogen, or application. We can potentially identify alternate producers of specific compounds of interest, and we can use genomics and metabolomics to find derivatives of known high-value compounds.

Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

Because we can identify both novel and known compounds produced by microbes, our platform can help define the underlying mechanisms responsible for beneficial health effects observed with probiotics or live microbial therapeutics. We can also identify novel food ingredients, such as flavour enhancers, bitter blockers, or natural preservatives, produced by microbes.

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Artificial intelligence for natural product drug discovery

Developments in computational omics technologies have provided new means to access the hidden diversity of natural products, unearthing new potential for drug discovery. In parallel, artificial intelligence approaches such as machine learning have led to exciting developments in the computational drug design field, facilitating biological activity prediction and de novo drug design for molecular targets of interest

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Adapsyn Bioscience is making microbes work

Adapsyn Bioscience is a chemical bioinformatics company that discovers and develops novel small molecule therapeutics. The company was spun out of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, in 2016 based on an early collaboration with Pfizer. More recently, Adapsyn announced a collaboration with Evotec SE and funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Adapsyn is backed by Genesys Capital, Pfizer Ventures, and other private investors.

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Press Release2022-10-18

Adapsyn Bioscience receives funding to discover novel therapeutics for tuberculosis

Adapsyn Bioscience Inc., a chemical bioinformatics company that discovers novel drug-like small molecules, today announced that it has received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to find novel therapeutics that target tuberculosis (TB). Globally, TB remains a leading cause of death from infectious disease, and factors such as a growing resistance to current drug therapies have created an urgent need for new treatments to combat its spread.

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Press Release2022-09-21

Adapsyn Bioscience enters into strategic collaboration with Evotec

Adapsyn Bioscience Inc., a chemical bioinformatics company that discovers novel drug-like small molecules, today announced a strategic collaboration with Evotec SE (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: EVT, MDAX/TecDAX, ISIN: DE0005664809; NASDAQ: EVO). Under the collaboration, Evotec will have the opportunity to evaluate small molecules developed by Adapsyn as potential therapeutic candidates in proprietary and partnered drug discovery projects.

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Artificial Intelligence for Natural Product Drug Discovery

Adapsyn is attending the invite only conference located at the Lorentz Center, Leiden, The Netherlands.

The aim of the workshop is to exchange ideas and experiences between the fields of omics-based natural product discovery and computational drug design, to jointly explore the design of new machine learning methodologies and how they could be applied to these fields, and to make concrete plans for connecting and integrating approaches from the two fields to achieve new synergy.

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Special Report on Natural Products: Mining metabolites

When trying to contemplate natural products research, the first images that may come to mind are possibly from the media: Sean Connery striding across his hut in the Amazonian rainforest to check the latest LC/MS data (a la the film Medicine Man) or video of a snorkeler hunting a tropical reef for a poisonous snail (from a source like National Geographic perhaps).

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