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Press Releases

CENGN: Adapsyn Innovation Highlight

Adapsyn leveraged the CENGN testbed to determine if their data analysis platform could operate at sufficient levels for production use. Using a CENGN project space, Adapsyn migrated their solution to a Kubernetes environment, allowing them to scale horizontally.

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Special Report on Natural Products: Mining metabolites

Wade through the pages of the Journal of Natural Products and you can be forgiven for assuming that efforts to convert environmental metabolites into medicines have never been stronger.

Yet, for many large pharmaceutical companies, the revolutionary discoveries like Selman Waksman and streptomycin are seen as moments of past glory. They are events to be commemorated, as with the 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine for the discovery of the anti-malarials avermectins and artemisinin as wonderful serendipities.

“The great discoveries of the past were made come-by-chance or by happenstance,” concurs Nathan Magarvey, McMaster University researcher and Adapsyn Bioscience founder. “They didn’t occur in any kind of directedness.”

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Scripps Acquires Pfizer’s Massive Microbial Library

The East Coast campus of the research institute received shipments of freeze-dried or frozen samples of more than 210,000 microbial strains, which scientists plan to mine for potentially useful natural products. Pfizer recognized that the collection’s value might be increased if it were more readily available to researchers outside of the company, and after a competitive process ultimately chose to license the collection to Scripps—a top-ranked international institution that is committed to preserving microbial biodiversity for use in biomedical research. Pfizer’s collaboration with Adapsyn was not affected when it gave the microbial collection to Scripps.

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Applying the Adapsyn genomics platform to the identification, isolation and characterization of immune modulators from the human microbiome

Adapsyn Bioscience has a proprietary platform whereby it applies patented algorithms, proprietary artificial intelligence, and machine learning to genomic and metabolomic data from microbes to identify and characterize novel natural products that can then be developed as novel therapeutics. The company is working with McMaster University and Dr. Michael Surette and his team to systematically mine the human microbiome – the collection of microbes that colonize the body – for compounds that can be used to treat human disease.

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Adapsyn Bioscience Completes Financing to Advance its Small Molecule Natural Product Platform and Pipeline; Announces Research Collaboration with Pfizer Inc.

HAMILTON, ONJan. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – Adapsyn Bioscience Inc., a biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of novel medicines derived from evolved small molecule natural products, today announced that it has completed a round of financing that was co-funded by Pfizer R&D Innovate and Genesys Capital. In addition, the company has announced a research collaboration with Pfizer Inc…

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